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This is a very sensitive topic. How is my privacy protected?

None of your information is EVER shared in any way. Our website and payments are secured with SSL encryption and your bill will show as “Innovative Physical Therapy.” Your privacy is VERY important to me.

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What the heck is Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy?

Great question! The pelvic floor is the muscular area between your legs that holds your pelvic organs up, and controls your pee and poop. It’s also where your vagina is located, which allows for all kinds of activities. <wink, wink> Most people never really think about this area of the body until there’s a problem.

Pelvic floor physical therapy works on solving all kinds of problems in this area: from peeing accidents, constipation, and pelvic pain, to more specialized needs like… solving pain that you’re having during sex!

Pelvic floor physical therapy consists of several methods to treat the muscles, bones, nerves, and connective tissues in this area without medications or surgery. Some treatment techniques are strengthening exercises, stretches, and training your muscles to relax. There are also hands-on techniques (with or without a little help) to help release knots in your muscles or restrictions that may be causing your symptoms.

I have a very holistic perspective on pelvic health. I focus on the whole person, not the sum of her lady parts. I like to help women (and their partners, if willing!) learn to treat the inside of their pelvis, the outside of their pelvis, the pelvic floor, and of course the mind that’s controlling it all! When all of these things are working properly and working together, that’s when we feel great and when pain-free feel-good sex can happen!

That might sound complicated, but I’ve been solving this problem for a long time! I will break it down, simplify it, and walk you through how to get there, step by step!

What extra training did you do to be certified to treat pelvic floor problems?

The American Physical Therapy Association’s Section on Women’s Health (APTA-SOWH) awards a Certificate of Achievement in Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy (CAPP-PF) to therapists who have undertaken rigorous educational requirements.

It’s a three-step process; at each step you go away for intensive education and training and testing, then return to your place of work to practice for several months before moving on to the next level. After all three levels are completed, the therapist writes up a case or series report in a medical journal format, and submits it for consideration to a review board.
This rigorous training sets us apart from our peers and allows us to practice pelvic floor physical therapy at the highest levels.

After becoming CAPP-PF certified, I had the distinguished honor of serving on the APTA-SOWH review board for several years. I helped review and critique pelvic floor PT candidates’ theses…

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What makes you qualified as a Sex Therapist?

I’ve been treating pain with sex and problems with desire, arousal, and orgasm since 2008 and it’s one of my favorite things to treat. That might seem unusual at first, but here’s the thing: I often see women who are struggling in their relationship or wanting to enjoy this intimate time with their partner, but secretly dreading it. When I help them solve the problem, I’m helping a couple bond more closely, I’m helping a woman feel more whole, AND I’m even partially responsible for helping a few babies come into this world! All of that lights up my soul!

I’ve also had my own struggles with pain with sex, aka dyspareunia. I’ve overcome both primary and secondary dyspareunia, as well as struggles with desire and arousal. I also talk about some of this in the About Me page.

So, I’ve been there, done that, and come out on the other side a stronger, more attuned woman. I also went to school for like a million years and have been in practice since 2008. 😉

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Can I book appointments online?

Absolutely! Check out my Work With Me page for more information on how we can connect in a way that works best for you.

Can I just ask you a question and get an answer by email?

Absolutely! Check out my Work With Me page for more information on how we can connect in a way that works best for you.

How much does it cost learn how to have pain-free feel-good sex?

There are a variety of ways to work with me that fit into different budgets. But I encourage you to think about what method would work best for you!

If you are like most of my clients, you’ve missed out on so many opportunities to bond with your partner and just have fun in bed! I want to encourage you to consider money spent on coaching you to a healthy sex life as money well spent. It is an investment in your relationship. You and your partner are worth it!

Almost all of my clients waited for months or years before getting help, and they always say they regret waiting so long to get a solution.

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Can my partner be involved?

Yes! Yes! Yes! I encourage all my clients to have their partner involved to their comfort level. A partner who is ready to walk with you on this journey should be included.

Do you accept health insurance, or Is this covered by health insurance?

I don’t accept insurance for my online coaching services. However, many health savings accounts and flexible savings accounts may reimburse for my services. You will receive a receipt for the services provided from “Innovative Physical Therapy” for your privacy. You can submit the receipt to your HSA or FSA if they cover this type of service. See more under “Can I see you in person?” below.

Can I see you in person, or can I come to your Woodstock (Atlanta), GA clinic?

Yes, I see clients in my Woodstock, GA (North Metro Atlanta area) clinic on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. In the clinic, my pelvic floor physical therapy services are covered by most major insurances. Also many health savings accounts and flexible savings accounts may reimburse for my services.

For an in-person clinic appointment, please call the office at 678-439-1934.


Do you offer Video Chat sessions?

Absolutely! Check out my Work With Me page for more information on how we can connect in a way that works best for you.

What is the best way to purchase products that you recommend?

People ask me for product recommendations all the time, so I created a page for it! Check out Products to learn more.

Can I interact with you on social media?

Absolutely! I’m active on Facebook and Instagram as @drlaurencrigler. Connect with me for upcoming offers, videos, and free PDFs.

Don’t forget to join my free facebook group: Sex Pain Solutions – where you will find that you are not alone! Join the community.

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