Atlanta’s and Woodstock’s Best Indoor Date Nights

Published: February 3, 2020

One of the best ways to rekindle your connection with your partner? Try something new! As long as I’ve been living in Atlanta, I’m still amazed at how many wonderful things there are to do here, particularly when it comes to spending time and creating new moments with your partner! 

As we enter a new month (and let’s face it, March in Georgia can be a crapshoot when it comes to weather!), I thought about some of the best indoor date night spots that couples can explore together year-round. (And stay tuned, I’ll have another list for warm-weather date ideas–my favorite!

The Fox Theater – If you’ve never visited The Fox Theater before, it’s a perfect place for a date night! The intricate details and lavish textures send you back in time, and if you go see a show there, you can also take a tour and get special behind-the-scenes looks at one of the most amazing theaters in the country. I love the ceiling, how it shows the sunset and the stars come out, too–it’s just beautiful! 

Fernbank After Dark – Offered once a month on the second Friday of the month, Fernbank After Dark offers a variety of after-hours experiences, including access to the museum exhibits, live music, a full bar, tapas, films in the giant screen theater, and special science demonstrations. Each month highlights a different science theme and features a variety of immersive experiences! 

The High Museum – Museums of all kinds are fabulous choices for date nights, and Atlanta’s High Museum is no exception. The High is the Southeast’s leading art museum, home to a renowned collection of historical and contemporary art, special exhibitions and events. They have a full list of special date night events, including wine auctions, jazz nights, and other tasting events. 

My Favorite Woodstock Date Nights

While there are no doubt a ton of great places for date nights in Atlanta, my husband and I live northwest of the city in Woodstock, which also offers some great places to explore. Here are a few of our favorite local places for date nights: 

Century House TavernCentury House Tavern is within the walkable district of Downtown Woodstock located in the century-old Hubbard house (hence the name!), which was built in 1894. The inside has been completely renovated and offers a modern, repurposed feel with exposed brick and weathered wood. Their menu is farm-to-table, sourcing locally grown ingredients for their dishes, and they always have something new and exciting to try. 

MadLife Stage & Studios – Nestled among rustic and remodeled buildings, MadLife Stage offers a state-of-the-art music venue with concerts from musicians and comics of all kinds. The MadLife Grill also offers a delicious selection of brunch, lunch, and dinner options, many of which are also available during the shows so you can grab a drink and a snack as you watch.

Reformation BreweryLocated in the heart of Downtown Woodstock, Reformation Brewery is a great place for a different kind of date night. Sample their craft beer offerings at either of their two beer bars, and rent a board game for some one-on-one action to build engagement out of the bedroom. On the weekends, Reformation usually has a great lineup of free live music, too–perfect for you to groove to together.

Elm Street Cultural Arts Village – My husband and are huge supporters of local arts programs, and Elm Street offers a variety of performing arts programs, world-class concerts, in-depth classes, and camp programs. Elm Street’s theater productions have received 9 Metropolitan Atlanta Theatre Awards, and bring professional talent to the greater northern Atlanta area. See the full lineup of productions here

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