Pregnancy is a very special time in a women’s life; you are creating another human! 

As a Doctor of Physical Therapy and pelvic health specialist, I want to help you minimize the long term impact that pregnancy can have on your body. Pregnancy is temporary; postpartum is forever!

Instead of fixing it later, let’s prevent it now

I created a program and community to help you:

  • avoid the damage that pregnancy can create
  • solve your current aches and pains at home
  • easily connect with pelvic health professionals
  • have all the resources in one place
  • feel fully supported and less stressed


Your Best Pregnancy

I married another pelvic health professional: my adorable, crazy-smart, and kind husband, Dr. Britton Crigler, OB/GYN. We also had two amazing sons together – so we’ve been in your shoes!

I went into my first pregnancy naive (this was over a decade ago!), and I suffered the consequences. I became like most of the women I help: I was in “fix it” mode. For my second pregnancy, I trained for pregnancy and childbirth like I was going to the Olympics. I can personally attest that “prevention mode” worked MUCH better! This is the approach that I take with my pregnant clients. This is what I want to share with YOU!

This is for you if…

… you want to solve your aches and pains, prevent damage, and recover faster! That means you can spend your time and energy focusing on your family and that sweet baby!

Join us!

Having two people who treat many of the same problems from different professional angles allows for conversations that are informed and insightful. It opens the doors to more collaborative treatment options. Join in on our conversations!

A FREE course

Sometimes it’s hard for pregnant women to get out of the house to see a pelvic health physical therapist, especially now! That leaves a void in our healthcare system and you don’t get the full comprehensive care that you need. That is totally unacceptable to me. 

So I created a free course that answers many of the questions that pregnant women ask me when trying to solve their aches and pains. I also went a little deeper into low back pain, since that’s the number one pain complaint of pregnant women. 


“When my son was born, I had a grade 4 laceration. The recovery process was so slow and my pain was actually getting worse. I was so upset because I’m a runner and a fitness instructor, and I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to get back to doing the things that I loved. When I met Dr. Lauren Crigler, she was so encouraging and shared her personal experience with having babies and running with me. Something clicked and I told myself, “if she can do it, I can do it!” Three months later, I am running, walking, and teaching yoga! Now, she is always in my head when I’m teaching and I encourage my students to use some of the principles that she taught me. I can’t say thank you enough!!!”


“I was having extreme pelvic pain and hadn’t had sex with my husband for over 9 months. A sports injury had led to pain and muscle guarding. Dr. Crigler was able to thoroughly explain what was causing my symptoms, and worked with me to develop a plan to get better. I have never felt so loved and included in my healthcare...Let’s just say… my husband was very pleased!”


“I never had problems with sex until 3 years ago when I was assaulted. I went to counseling for two and a half years and could put what happened into perspective but I just couldn’t get back to sex without pain. My husband kept looking for help for me and found Dr. Crigler. We were able to video chat with her every Tuesday night for 8 weeks. She was very thoughtful throughout the whole process, I felt like she always had my back. We did everything she recommended, and on the eighth visit, we told her about our success!”


“I had vaginal pain after pelvic radiation that went on for months. My oncologist and gynecologist assured me that the tissues looked fine but told me I should try physical therapy. Dr. Crigler explained to my husband and me how to massage and gently stretch the area and use lubrication and other “tools.” We laughed many times about how interesting our sex life became after 30 years of marriage!”


“After my 3rd baby, I thought my vagina was broken! I just couldn’t imagine getting back to sex. Even though I was told by my OB that my vagina was healed, I learned I had deeper scar tissue and tight muscles in my vagina. Who knew that was a thing?! Well, Dr. Lauren did, and she taught me how to fix it. - Thank you so much!!!”


"I just wanted to say thank you so much for working with me on the best way to deliver naturally. Because of your tips and exercises I was able to deliver completely unmedicated Saturday."