Products and Helpful Tools

Aside from great coaching, there’re a few things that can help make your sex life less painful.

People ask me about helpful tools and products all the time.

And since I’ve been helping people have pain-free sex for over a decade… I definitely have my favorites!

I’ve put a lot of thought and research into many types of products that most people have never even heard of!

I never recommend using specific pelvic floor tools without coaching with me to ensure that it’s appropriate for you and that you’re using it properly. I will guide you and give you feedback when issues arise and things need tweaking.

But… because I know you’re dying to know…here are a few products that I recommend for my clients.



Pelvic Floor Wands

Bathroom Solutions

7 Essentials for

Pain-Free, Feel-Good Sex

Pain with sex? Decreased desire, Arousal, and orgasm?

Let's get started on the solution right now!

Wish you weren’t dreading sex or the pain that comes afterward?

Download my 7 Essentials for Pain-Free, Feel-Good Sex guide to help things go more smoothly. This is the advice that I give to my clients when they first contact me. These changes are the essential foundation for having pleasurable stress-free sex!