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Sometimes you need a little help in the bedroom…

If you need help spicing things up, there are tons of books, magazines, and games you can turn to.

But what if you are experiencing pain with sex?

Unfortunately, that’s a little different…

It’s hard to talk about it with your friends and family, which can leave you feeling alone. How did something that’s supposed to be fun become such a stressor?

Many women are too embarrassed to ask for help. And when they do ask for help, it’s hard to know where to go: an ob/gyn, a counselor, a pelvic floor physical therapist?

And what if you see someone you know in the parking lot or the waiting room?? Eek!

Sometimes the roadblocks are hard to overcome.

Most women have gone years with pain before coming to me. They are both excited and a little frustrated when their pain is finally resolved. Excited that they can now have passionate, feel-good sex with their partner. Frustrated that they went so long  without knowing there was a solution.

Sometimes a problem has been going on for so long…

that you forget to make it a priority.

It gets put on the back burner and your life moves on, but your sex life suffers.

Don’t waste anymore Friday nights. Take charge of your health and get help today!

You need someone who’s objective, professional, and knowledgeable. You need a step-by-step plan.

The Best Option: Personal Coaching

I teach women step-by-step plans to 1) have sex without pain, 2) include their partner in the healing process, and 3) build excitement for ALL parts of date night. We can work together via email, phone, or video chat. We’ll identify the causes of your pain with sex and create solutions that will work for you.

Hi, I’m

Dr. Lauren Crigler.

I specialize in pelvic floor therapy, and have spent over a decade helping women have sex without pain.

I’m here to help you stop having pain and start really enjoying your sex life.

My favorite part of what I do is helping women reconnect with their partner. This isn’t just a job for me; it’s a passion!

Are you ready to look forward to Friday nights? If you want to have sex without vaginal or pelvic pain, you can work with me via professional coaching.

Don’t settle for painful sex – you deserve better!

And you don’t have to solve this on your own. You want someone who will listen to your struggles, answer your questions, and give you a PLAN. I’ve worked with many women who’ve been struggling for years and we finally find a solution through personal coaching. You can love sex again… or for the first time. I’ll be your personal guide.

Ready to get started? Check out the options for what works best for you.

Is the thought of talking to someone about your sex life embarassing?

As a Doctor of Physical Therapy and pelvic floor specialist, I’ve helped over a thousand women have sex without pain!

There’s nothing I haven’t heard before. Seriously!

Here are a few examples of ways that I can help you to:

  • Communicate effectively with your partner about pain, body parts, and both of your needs and preferences.
  • Have sex without pain for the first time.
  • Use better thought processes to reduce sex-related fear and anxiety.
  • Learn how to have an orgasm without pain.
  • Experience an orgasm for the first time – so healthy for your pelvic floor!
  • Have sex without pain after a traumatic event (child birth, accident, pelvic fracture, broken coccyx, etc).
  • Eliminate lower-back pain, radiating pain, and pelvic/lower abdominal pain with intercourse.
  • Have pain-free sex with a well-endowed partner.
  • Gain control over leaking urine or passing gas during sex.
  • Feel more confident about your body so you can enjoy intimacy more.
  • Return to sex after a long hiatus.

Personal Coaching via Email

Email coaching is a good fit for you if:

  • You understand and express your problems well in writing
  • You have specific questions that you’d like answers to
  • You follow written instructions well
  • You have a busy schedule and a hard time keeping appointment times

Personal Coaching via Video Chat

Video coaching is a good fit for you if:

  • You have no idea what your problem is and need to “talk it out”
  • You prefer 1-on-1 interactions
  • You want to be able to practice action items like progressive relaxation, stretches, exercises, trigger point release techniques, and much more in real time with immediate feedback and recommendations.
  • You binge Netflix, prefer audiobooks over reading, or watch YouTube for make-up tips

7 Essentials for

Pain-Free, Feel-Good Sex

Pain with sex? Decreased desire, Arousal, and orgasm?

Let's get started on the solution right now!

Wish you weren’t dreading sex or the pain that comes afterward?

Download my 7 Essentials for Pain-Free, Feel-Good Sex guide to help things go more smoothly. This is the advice that I give to my clients when they first contact me. These changes are the essential foundation for having pleasurable stress-free sex!


“When my son was born, I had a grade 4 laceration. The recovery process was so slow and my pain was actually getting worse. I was so upset because I’m a runner and a fitness instructor, and I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to get back to doing the things that I loved. When I met Dr. Lauren Crigler, she was so encouraging and shared her personal experience with having babies and running with me. Something clicked and I told myself, “if she can do it, I can do it!” Three months later, I am running, walking, and teaching yoga! Now, she is always in my head when I’m teaching and I encourage my students to use some of the principles that she taught me. I can’t say thank you enough!!!”


“I was having extreme pelvic pain and hadn’t had sex with my husband for over 9 months. A sports injury had led to pain and muscle guarding. Dr. Crigler was able to thoroughly explain what was causing my symptoms, and worked with me to develop a plan to get better. I have never felt so loved and included in my healthcare...Let’s just say… my husband was very pleased!”


“I never had problems with sex until 3 years ago when I was assaulted. I went to counseling for two and a half years and could put what happened into perspective but I just couldn’t get back to sex without pain. My husband kept looking for help for me and found Dr. Crigler. We were able to video chat with her every Tuesday night for 8 weeks. She was very thoughtful throughout the whole process, I felt like she always had my back. We did everything she recommended, and on the eighth visit, we told her about our success!”


“I had vaginal pain after pelvic radiation that went on for months. My oncologist and gynecologist assured me that the tissues looked fine but told me I should try physical therapy. Dr. Crigler explained to my husband and me how to massage and gently stretch the area and use lubrication and other “tools.” We laughed many times about how interesting our sex life became after 30 years of marriage!”


“After my 3rd baby, I thought my vagina was broken! I just couldn’t imagine getting back to sex. Even though I was told by my OB that my vagina was healed, I learned I had deeper scar tissue and tight muscles in my vagina. Who knew that was a thing?! Well, Dr. Lauren did, and she taught me how to fix it. - Thank you so much!!!”


"I just wanted to say thank you so much for working with me on the best way to deliver naturally. Because of your tips and exercises I was able to deliver completely unmedicated Saturday."