What does eating have to do with sex?

Published: July 5, 2021

What does eating have to do with sex?

No, I’m not really talking about aphrodisiacs or edible lotions, although I do cover both briefly in upcoming my book:

Good sex requires more than just doing it.

What I’m really getting at in Chapter 3 is that our relationship with food affects our relationship with sex. In the beginning, I share a painful personal story (with a little humor mixed in because that’s me ??‍♀️). I shared because I believe that it might help you to know that I’ve lived struggle. I don’t come to the topic of food as a professional who has always had a perfect little eating plan. I’ve had some dark days but because of that struggle, I come to this topic with sensitivity and compassion, and also some good advice about food.

The average female goes on 130 diets!

The average female goes on 130 diets in her lifetime with the average diet lasting 4 weeks and 3 days. Why is the topic of eating relevant to most women’s sex lives? Research shows that many women are dissatisfied with the way they look and their weight, and are self conscious about their bodies during sex. Studies also show that weight, body image, food, and eating are all wrapped up together.

Thoughts around food are rarely the only problem in a woman’s bad sex cycle. But it’s probably easy to imagine that an unsatisfying sex life (and the resulting partner disconnection) could lead to unhealthy eating. Multiple that times five for emotional eaters and food addicts. And when we put a bunch of unhealthy food in our bodies, it makes us feel bad physically, lowers self-confidence, and stirs up other negative emotions… which leads to more bad sex – especially avoiding sex.

For every problem cycle, there is a solution cycle.

Eating better can lead to better sex

physically and emotionally. And having good sex leads to feeling more connected to your body and wanting to honor it even more through healthy eating. It’s not what to eat that’s hard, many plans could work. It’s how to get yourself to eat that way. As someone who studied food science in college, but also struggled with food addiction, I have some helpful ideas on that! Chapter 3 is all about empowering women to have a healthy relationship with food and your body to boost your sex life today.

I’m so excited to have Good Sex coming out in the Fall! ?

In the meantime, if you’d work with me through online coaching for sexual wellness and intimacy concerns (and all the issues that come with them!). Email me at: DrLauren@DrLaurenCrigler.com, I’d love to work with you and share my knowledge.

Update: My book is done and ready for you! Read more about how eating and other topics affect your libido and intimacy with your partner. Click here for a signed copy of my book or get the book on Amazon.

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