The Healthy Woman’s Top 20 Holiday Wish List (uncensored)

Published: November 23, 2019

I do ALL the shopping for the family: food, clothing, household supplies, everything. I also do all the holiday shopping.  Sound familiar?

After I’ve bought for everyone else, I always make sure to buy some gifts for me! I don’t want to be sitting there on Christmas morning with just another pair of holiday socks and an I OWE YOU.

I know my family doesn’t know what to get a health conscious mama who doesn’t want another scarf. So I help them out, and I wind up with what I want. Win, win.

Wondering what to get yourself this year? Or need to buy something for a special health conscious woman in you life? Check this list out for some great ideas!


Healthy eating


Health starts with what you put in your body. Every cell in your body is literally made up of the building blocks that you provide it. Yes, that’s your food. Quality whole food will make it 10x easier to reach your health goals.

We all know that cooking at home is a LOT healthier than eating out. And caring for your body through healthy cooking is much easier if you have the right things on hand. Here are my favorite tools for healthy cooking and eating at home.



1. Misfits Market

I’m obsessed with this company. Organic produce delivered to your home for 40% less than grocery store prices. I get the large box for $35, which is 18-22 lbs. of produce! The packaging is all recyclable and you can even compost the “plastic” bags that aren’t actually plastic.

All the produce we’ve received has been great and I love the surprise each week (though you can select some things online if you choose).

Also, there’s no commitment.  You can try it once and cancel, block off weeks you’ll be out of town, set it up every other week…whatever you want – at no extra charge.  Seriously, every subscription company should adopt this business model.

If you do nothing else for yourself, do this. Use promo code for 25% off!



2. Blender Bottles

Drinking water is essential for life. It also limits the munchies, gives you more energy, clears your skin and many more things! But how do you drink enough water when you’re constantly on the go? Blender bottles, my friends, blender bottles. The best thing about them is that you can put them in your bag and they can turn upside down, and they will NEVER leak on you.

These are the only water bottles I use.  If you get the 28 oz size and drink 3 a day, you’re good to go. I rarely actually mix a protein powder in so I just thrown out the little wire ball (alternatively, they make amazing cat toys!). And they’re BPA free, of course.

Check out my favorite Blender bottles on Amazon.



3. Vitamix

If you want to make healthy smoothies, protein shakes, salad dressing, hummus, pesto, pasta sauces, soups, nut butters, dried bean or grain flours, and ice cream (seriously, just frozen bananas and cocoa powder is amazing), just need a high powered blender. The price tag may seem a little high for a blender (which is why it’s perfect for a holiday gift), but you get what you pay for – this thing does it all and the motor is unstoppable. We bought ours in June of 2013 (yes, we celebrate our Vitamix anniversary, ha!).  We use it everyday and it’s works just as well today as when we bought it! And you can put the container and lid in the dishwasher!

If I had to do it over again, I’d buy this one that fits under the counter.

(It didn’t exist in 2013 or it would be in my kitchen now!) I don’t recommend getting the tall one as much and definitely get the 64 oz model unless you live alone. If you want to save money, my friend has had her refurbished one from amazon for 4 years and loves it, so that’s another great option.

Check out the Vitamix on Amazon.



4. Instapot

The instapot makes cooking healthy meals much faster. No more waiting hours to cook beans and meats.  Rice, lentils, split peas and more can be cooked in just minutes.

And it even comes with a recipe book to get you started.

Also, you can use it to saute, steam, make yogurt, or even as a slow cooker.

Definitely go for the 6 quart, not smaller.


Check out the Instapot on Amazon.



5. Air fryer

I’m a health food nut and I’m a little embarrassed to admit… fried food tastes delicious. But, with an air fryer I can cook things to that crispy fried consistency without the oil! This air fryer comes with everything you need and is big enough to feed the entire family! On the LED Digital Touch Screen you can manually set your desired cooking time and temperature or select from the many built-in smart preset programs.

This one comes with all the bells and whistles at a great price. Their promise: “you will consume 85% less fat while still enjoying all your favorite fried, grilled, baked and roasted foods!”

Cooking time is faster than a conventional oven, with crispier and tastier results.



Check out the Air fryer on Amazon.



6. Nonstick pan

I try to do most of my cooking with very little oil and instead eat fats from whole food sources (nuts, avocados, etc). So having a good non-stick pan is essential. I love this pan for stir frys, curries, pancakes and just about any meal. It’s even oven safe to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, and is conveniently dishwasher safe.

I’ve had mine for 5 years and it’s finally time for a new one so it’s on my list again this year.



Check out my favorite Nonstick pan on Amazon.



7. Silicone baking mats

Again, this saves me from greasing and adding fats to my foods, not to mention it makes clean up easy! It can stand temperatures from freezing up to 450°F!

Perfect for making cute cookies, crispy roasted veg or marvellous macarons that slide off the mat effortlessly.

Ditch the parchment paper and make your nonstick baking simple, there’s no need for fats, oils, sprays or butter.

Simply wipe clean with warm soapy water, or pop them in the dishwasher after a quick sponge wipe. This well-kept chef’s secret is a must for every baker.


Check out the Silicone baking mats on Amazon.




8. Cutting boards

I have a *few* requirements for cutting boards:

I need them to be strong, durable, BPA free and dishwasher safe.

They must never dull my knives and never, NEVER slip.

These boards fit the bill!

I love them and also love that you can get the color that fits best in your kitchen.


Check out my favorite cutting boards on Amazon.




9. Spiralizer

My family eats a LOT of vegetables. People ask me all the time about how we keep that interesting. I present to you: the spiralizer! It is our favorite way to eat zucchini, carrots, and beets. Sometimes we’ll run some potatoes through it (and then use the air fryer!)… ok I’m getting hungry just writing about it.

The handheld ones will disappoint most cooks. I highly recommend this brand with all the options to keep veggies fun and interesting. (Really fun way to eat an apple too!)



Check out my favorite spiralizer on Amazon



10. Mandoline

My other favorite way to keep fruits and veggies interesting is a mandoline. With a mandoline you can very quickly and easily slice things uniformly into a certain thickness. This not only looks great but also ensures that they will cook at the same rate. I also love using it to julienne things.

The blades that come with the slicer are crazy sharp, smooth, and even adjustable. You can either slice from extremely thin to 9mm thick. It also comes with a special guard for the blades so that you can store them safely and easily.

Another safety feature, it comes with cut resistant gloves. Did I mention this is CRAZY sharp? I would never use it without gloves. It cuts extremely easily and I’m kinda attached to all my fingers.

Want to dazzle your friends? Put julienned apples on top of a salad. I’m serious, it works. LOL And all your prepping will be SO easy!

Check out my favorite mandoline on Amazon



11. Probiotics – Kefir water

Most people who come to my house think I’m fermenting wine on my kitchen counter, but it’s actually kefir water! The short story is: this is how I make my own probiotics. These kefir water crystals are “a naturally recurring source of Potassium, Magnesium, Iron, a variety of enzymes, a range of B vitamins, folic acid, and nearly 40 strains of the best probiotics.” Basically, you add sugar water or juice and the crystals have bacteria and yeast that consume the sugar and give of gas. So when you keep it in a sealed container it will become carbonated and will no longer contain much sugar. Then you strain it and reuse the crystals over and over again.

My whole family loves it (even the kids, though it’s not very sweet) and it keeps our guts healthy and moves things along.


Check out my favorite Probiotic starter / Kefir crystals on Amazon.



Healthy exercise

There is no pill that can replace exercise, but exercise can replace many pills.

Cardiovascular exercise, balance and weight training will keep your body younger, stronger and healthier.  You’ll no only be building stronger bones and muscles, you’ll be bringing more oxygen and blood to every organ (including your brain).

Exercise can be your superpower.



12. Yoga: yoga mat

It is so much easier to improve your health when you feel committed. If you want to commit to your health this year, why not sign up for a yoga class? Better yet, get a package of yoga classes at your yoga studio. All you really need to bring is a yoga mat and comfortable clothes.

Don’t feel comfortable going to a yoga studio or gym? You can do video at home but you’ll still really want a mat. It helps you grip to the floor and feel centered during your practice. Namaste.


Check out my favorite yoga mat on Amazon.




13. Weight set

I’m a pelvic floor physical therapist and my focus is on the pelvis and sexual wellness, but my clients ask about general strength and wellness all the time. One of my biggest suggests for improving strength is to get a small weight set and start with light weight, high rep routines. This builds strength and endurance at the same time.

This set is a great price and appropriate for most people to start with.


Check out this small weight set on Amazon.





14. Weighted hula hoop

Yes, this is a thing and it’s on my list this year!

I’m always looking for ways to make working out more fun. I’m also looking for ways to keep my heart rate up between weight sets.

Jogging in place gets boring but 30-60 sec of hula hooping between set?!? Bring it on!

I tried a friend’s and it was addicting! Now, I have to have one!

Dear family, this is on my list this year. <hint, hint>


Check out this weighted hula hoop on Amazon




15. Good walking / running shoes

One of the best ways to get good cardiovascular exercise is walking. And it’s free! Well, almost. If you are going to walk or run for exercise, you really should invest in a good pair of running shoes. Walking and running without good support is bad for your feet, pelvis and back.

I love Brooks Adrenaline GTS. They work well for my body for both running and walking.  I suggest you find what works best for you and treat your whole body to good shoes.

As a general guideline, you should replace your walking/running shoes every 500 miles.


Check out my favorite running shoes on Amazon.




Healthy relationships

Love is what connects us all. And great relationships are worth the effort of building and maintaining.

Exercise and healthy foods keep your body healthy.

Great relationships keep your soul healthy.



16. The 5 love languages

There are many books on love and relationships that I recommend to my clients, but The 5 Love Languages is my favorite starter book.

I work with clients who are having trouble in the bedroom physically, but there are often communication problems around love and sex in the partnership as well.

I address communication along with the physical problems so my clients can get back to enjoying their partnership more completely.

The 5 Love Languages provides a great jumping off point for partnerships where there is any struggle to show and receive affection in a way that BOTH partners understand.




One of the reasons that many of my clients want to work on their love/sex life is because they want to keep their romance alive and keep their family strong.

As any parent knows, a smoother, happier life with the kids makes all of the other parts of your life easier!

How do your kids show and receive love best? How can you help them understand when they are being shown love by others though they may not recognize it at first?

This book will help you answer those questions with your kids. Get ready to understand them better and feel closer!



Check out The 5 love languages and The 5 love languages for kids on Amazon.




17. Our Moments and other relationship games

Who doesn’t want more quality time with their partner, their kids, and the whole family?

I know we love it but sometimes we struggle with what to do. This game has helped us all to get to really truly know one another. Not to mention it’s started conversations both serious and hilarious.

Couples and families who make time for each other bond much more.  ? Who doesn’t want that? Sign me up!


Check out Our Moments on Amazon to bond more with your family this holiday season.




Healthy sex life

Yes, let’s not forget about that.  I’m a pelvic floor physical therapist and sexual wellness coach. I coach women and couples online who want to improve their sex life by eliminating pain, improving pleasure, and bonding all along the way.

Here’s a big take home message that many couples miss: Sexual wellness is a part of life. Plain and simple.  If you are married or in a relationship, an active sex life keeps the romance alive and improves your sense of bonding and connection. Here are a few products that I recommend to my clients to improve their sex lives.


18. Lubrication

What?! Lubrication?! Sure. Why not? Nothing says, “I want to be intimate with you” more than giving your lover lubrication.

Ladies, this will make intimacy more comfortable for you, but don’t buy it for yourself unless you’re single.

Buy it for your partner.

Makes a great stocking stuffer.

Pat yourself on the back. You’re getting what you need and now you’re such a flirt!

Want to know more about why you should use a lubrication? Check out my YouTube video about lubrication.

Check out the Slippery Stuff on Amazon.



19. Vibrator

Orgasm is an important part of sex. Orgasm releases oxytocin, the “bonding hormone.” So…not only does it feel good, it’s an essential part of bonding during sex.

However, many women don’t reach orgasm through vaginal sex alone so why not add a vibrator into the mix?

Also, if you’re having issues with pain or arousal, a vibrator could be part of the solution.

Make sure to get on that is easy to clean silicone and QUIET. Rechargeable is a must, you don’t want to be reliant on batteries (trust me).

This will come in a regular amazon packaging, no one has to know.

Check out this vibrator on Amazon.




20. Sexual wellness and communication coaching

Do you know you need more than lubrication and a vibrator to improve your sex life?

Maybe you’re having pain, decreased desire or arousal, or not experiencing the pleasure that you used to?

Is it hard to talk to your partner about your needs, wants, and desires in the bedroom?

You are not alone. I coach women just like you. For over a decade, I’ve been helping women and couples get their sex life back and learn to communicate better in the bedroom.  If what you really wish for this year is to bring back the intimacy and connection in your relationship, please connect with me. I want to help.

Download my 7 Essentials Guide for Pain-Free, Feel Good Sex and join my mailing list below. You’ll learn more about what I do, how I can help you, and what deals and promotions I’m running to make it even easier to say “YES!” to a lifetime of better sex.

Also, join my free Facebook group: Pain-Free, Feel-Good Sex – for women only.



I’m wishing you the very best this year! Cheers! ❤️Dr. Lauren Crigler

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