Why it’s Important to Have Sex with Your Partner

Published: January 9, 2020

So, why is it important to have sex with your partner? That’s a fair question.

Many of my clients have been married for years; they have kids, jobs, commutes, after-school activities to attend, dinner to make, laundry to do, etc. At the end of the day, there just isn’t a lot of time for themselves or their spouse and honestly, they’re exhausted!

For years they’ve put sex on the back burner. For women, low desire meant they dreaded their husband’s advances. As their sex life deteriorated, maybe sex even became a little painful. And slowly, over time he stopped asking. 

She thought things were going ok, but she knew they weren’t great. And quietly, he was really missing that connection with his partner. Often, she missed it too. And one or maybe both of them asked themselves, “Are we really just more like roommates?” 

Why the Act of Having Sex with Your Partner is Important 

Why should you make being physically intimate a priority in your life? After all, you have a lot of other things to do! (See “laundry” above.)

Here’s my heartfelt answer: Having sex with your partner, is the one thing that you do that separates your relationship from all other relationships. It’s an intimate act that you share that connects you emotionally and physically. It’s a time to laugh, smile and exchange saucy glances. Also, you release oxytocin which physically increases your bond with each other! (Fun fact: Oxytocin is an especially important hormone for women and is often referred to as the “cuddle hormone,” as it’s the same hormone that help promote mother-child bonding.) 

Plus, having a really close bond with your partner makes everything easier: parenting, finances, sharing responsibilities, travel, everything! 

Having Sex Makes Problems Seem Smaller! Really.

I see so many nice messages on the Internet urging people to put down the dishes and the laundry, let go of having a perfect house, and make sure to enjoy your kids while they are with you. I think the same should be said for couples. Hopefully you’ll spend the rest of your life with this person. Put down the chores, forget the laundry, and make time for some bonding.

You’ll be glad you did.

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