Want Better Sex? Level Up With Exercise

Published: May 17, 2021

It’s a known fact that exercise leads to better overall health, but did you ever consider exercise as a benefit to better sex? Getting sweaty outside your sheets, i.e., exercise, has been backed by science as a way to pump up your sex drive and sexual function. 

In my latest post, I’ll break down some of the benefits of regular exercise and share which type of exercise packs the most punch when it comes to boosting your libido and overall sexual health. 

Exercise Boosts Your Sex Drive 

Someone who doesn’t exercise regularly, or at all, will see an improvement in their libido if they add even a bit more exercise to their normal routine. If you’re exercising regularly, you’re also more likely to feel better overall, not to mention look better, and have an all-around improved body image. 

Exercise also increases blood flow, both in the short and long-term to your entire body, and that includes your sexual organs. Exercise increases your body’s natural lubrication, too! (But I still recommend adding to your body’s natural ability with one of these lubricants.) 

Exercise is also an awesome stress-buster, which is the number-one killer of libido for women. And let’s face it–when you’re worried about the laundry that’s piling up, what to make for dinner, crossing t’s and dotting i’s, you’re most likely not thinking about getting jiggy with it. 

Strength Training: The Key to Better Sex 

So what’s the key to the exercise to help boost your sex life? Two words: strength training.

In addition to muscle development, strength training produces testosterone, otherwise known as the hormone responsible for your sexual arousal. 

For women, the ovaries are the major producer of testosterone in the body. As women age, we see major drops in testosterone, particularly during–and after–menopause. 

As with any workout, adrenaline and endorphins also get a boost, but with strength training, the testosterone levels go way up, a lot more than if you’re just say, jogging or using the elliptical machine. With extra boosts of testosterone, you might find that mid-afternoon delight on a weekend more appealing, or a planned date night with your partner might have even more of a build-up. 

For the right amount of exercise to boost your libido, shoot for  strength training three or four times a week in addition to your regular exercise routine. And of course, for any exercise regimen, moderation should be your goal so you don’t overdo it. Also, something is better than nothing. You got this!

Bringing it All Together: Overall Health and Sexual Health 

You could say that I get really excited when I talk about overall health and nutrition. Before I focused on my subspecialty of pelvic floor physical therapy, I majored in nutrition and geeked out in psychology courses and became a Doctor of Physical Therapy, so I’m definitely a proponent in overall health and wellness in addition to being deeply invested in helping women have sex without pain. 

What’s more, in my practice now, I can help women communicate effectively with their partner about pain with sex, feel comfortable discussing their needs and preferences, have an orgasm for the first time (which is so healthy for your pelvic floor), and feel more confident about their bodies so they can enjoy sex more. 

If any of these things are a concern for you, I invite you to reach out and learn more about how we can work together. I would love the opportunity to help you! 

Update: My book is done and ready for you! Read more about how exercise and other topics affect your libido and intimacy with your partner. Click here for a signed copy of my book or get the book on Amazon.

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